Maximize the value of your dental practice starting today!

Grow your dental practice with a proven local marketing system

You've worked for decades to grow a world class dental practice.  Now, you are thinking it may be time to sell it and focus on your family.  At Local Marketing Systems we understand exactly how to grow your practice to create the most value when it comes time to sell.

The Challenge

 You know what buyers are looking for.  Multiple years of solid growth.  You've tried the "one size fits all" marketing plans but they just don't seem to work.  You'd do it yourself, but you don't have time.  You'd hire an expert team, but that is beyond your means and just doesn't make sense.

The Solution

 What if you had a devoted team of dental marketing experts to cost-effectively grow your practice? What if they knew exactly how to grow your practice in a way that creates the most value in an acquisition?  That's what Local Marketing Systems does.  Best of all, you own your market.  Guaranteed.

Ever Hear Of Collin County?

It happens to be the home of Dallas Texas. If you are part of the Local Marketing System Network, you would own that market exclusively.

We would ONLY market your practice to these ZIP's: 75002 75009 75013 75023 75024 75025 75026 75034 75035 75044 75048 75069 75070 75071 75072 75074 75075 75078 75080 75082 75086 75087 75093 75094 75097 75098 75121 75164 75166 75173 75189 75248 75252 75287 75370 75379 75407 75409 75424 75442 75452 75454 75485 75491 75495

Why Reserve Your Market?

Local Marketing Systems is so powerful that working with two dentists in the same market would not be fair.  As such, we adopted a strategy of reserving most counties to just one client.  Once it is gone, it's gone.  First come, First serve.


Leading Strategies to Grow Dental Practices. 

Growing your dental practice predictably and fast requires much more than a one-size-fits-all marketing engine.  It requires true expertise in marketing dental practices.  At Local Marketing Systems, our copywriters did 100's of hours of research.  We brought in a panel of dentists.  And, we customized our #1 marketing platform to ensure there is no better growth accelerator for your dental practice.


Google My Business

Get deep integration into the #1 driver of local search traffic - Google My Business.

You Practice Listed Everywhere

We make sure your practice is listed in the general directories and the directories focused on dentists.

GPS & Google Maps

Optimizing Google Maps is a must for large companies, and even more important for small ones.

Voice Search Integration

58% of people said they used voice search.  Isn't it time you let Alexa and Siri sell your practice?

Social Media Marketing

You choose the custom dental post, tweak the copy for your practice and hit send.  That's it.

Review Management

Your social "cred factor" means everything for a dental practice. Let's turbocharge your reviews!

Social Media Delivered Monthly