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Baseline Report

To start off with we summarize your local visibility.  This is an actual report we provided a client just a few days ago.  The good news, they quickly realized they have a lot of upside and could see exactly where to focus their efforts. 

Google My Business

Next, we focus on Google My Business.  As you can see, they are doing well here. They need to boost their reviews, but besides that, they've done a good job.  PRO TIP: even after you hit 100% there is so much more you can do to boost visibility with GMB.

Bing Local

Here's a great opportunity.  This report gives you a summary of what needs to be optimized on Bing to start getting more traffic.  These are easy things to get going and collectively will make a difference!

Voice Search

If this doesn't get your attention, nothing will.  58% of your potential customers use voice search.  If it is not optimized you are missing out on some serious business.
PRO TIP: Google has over 50 very specific questions that need to be answered to optimize for voice search.

Data Aggregators

Sounds mighty boring, but data aggregators are one of the most important and least understood way to get local traffic.  Ensuring your are properly listed with the data aggregators will boost your visibility and your business. 

There is so much more than this in your Visibility Report. Get immediate access free and grow your local business.

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We now rank #1 in our area for every significant keyword phrase we’ve requested. Our organic/free traffic is doing so well that we’ve stopped all of our paid advertising campaigns, including Google Ads.

Matthew Leif

Within weeks we began seeing immediate results due to their SEO and PPC management. We now have numerous #1 positions on Google for all of our keywords we requested.

Bob Sheeler

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